How does the Maryland Jury Service work?

The disadvantage of getting in a Jury Service

One can always feel worried or frustrated with regard to jury service because it does take people from their jobs, families, or the daily routine. You simply cannot plan out activities when you are in injury service.


Exercising the Right to Vote

Serving as the juror can also be the most participated event for the government. The jurors of the Maryland court ensure that justice is delivered for and by the people. Jury service is termed as a privilege of citizenship. A citizen is not bound to be excluded from the jury service due to color, race, caste, religion, gender, disability, and economic status.


Preliminary stage

Before serving as a juror, he or she is asked to complete a questionnaire in order to meet the legal qualifications to serve as a juror and not excused from the jury service. If not done, then you will be asked to complete open effective immediately.


The Six Parts of the Trial

 Each Trial consists of 6 parts:

  1. Jury Selection
  2. Opening Statement
  3. Presentation of Evidence
  4. Jury Instructions
  5. Closing Arguments
  6. Jury Deliberation


How can you be selected for Jury Service?

Each Maryland circuit court produces a source pool up from where the potential jurors who are registered to vote and from the persons who have driver’s license or identification cards issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration.


How can you dress up for the Jury Service?

For jury service, you are not required to buy new clothes, but wear good enough clothes which are decent enough to show some respect for the court proceedings. To be precise with the details of the dress code of the jury service, here is the following:

  • Clothing that is neat and trimmed, but not too revealing
  • Strong fragrances are to be strictly avoided
  • There should not be any design patterns, symbols, or wording.


Why are people asked to wait for a longer duration?

Now people are monkey minded or just want to hurry things. But at times it is necessary to have patience and maintain decorum. In some cases when the jury panel is ready, the courtroom could also keep themselves busy with other matters, which includes discussion in association to solving the case, by plea, settlement in the absence of a jury. When this takes place at the last minute, it is usually because the fellow jurors were present and ready to take a decision on the case. This is why waiting at the jury assembly room serves a usual purpose in the justice system.


Jury Selection

In the Maryland district court, it is the judge that conducts the questioning of the jurors, and the process is referred to as “Voir Dire”, which means to say. You will be sworn by the clerk to speak the truth in all the answers provided by you. The answer to all questions is to be answered truthfully to assist the judge in determining, whether your experiences, opinions, or knowledge could make you the best juror for the case. If there is a reason that you cannot serve as a jury then the matter is to be brought to the judge prior to the jury selection. The judge would also ask the reasons and concerns behind leaving the service, which is also bound to be truthful.

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