Service of the Jury in the District of the Maryland Court

If you are from the US district court then you have been summoned for jury duty by the District Court of the United States, which means you are called to the jury service In the Maryland Federal court or at the Federal courthouses of either Baltimore or Greenbelt. If you want more information with regards to the Jury service in the US District Court, then you can call the US District court at 1-866-277-3073 or you can also pay a visit to the court’s website at





Prospective Jurors

It is from the Jury Pool that the choice for the Prospective Jurors for the federal court is made, by randomly selecting the citizens’ names from the list of the certified voters from each county of Maryland State. By this method of selection, the jurors are ensured that they represent a fair number of the community.


Jury System

This system is concocted in a way to extract fair results. It is because of the fact that Jury has a lot many people from different backgrounds; it does come at a better verdict in comparison to one person acting alone. Jury service does add a lot of meaning to the work, especially when it comes to the decisions made by the juries that affect people’s civil and property rights and the rights to freedom or life. Justice can only prevail based on the quality of the jurors who facilitate the service. There are instances where the Jury service could be cumbersome and inconvenient or to an extreme extent, even a burden. The citizenship’s duty is the Jury service.


Contact Information

With Maryland Court, you can get rewarding experiences with the Jurors and other assistants, who can help you throughout. For in need of a service or requirement, or if you would like to pose any questions with regards to the jury service, then you can contact any member of the Jury staff at 1-866-277-3073, and it is Toll-free.




Agreeable to 28 U.S.C and 1861, all aspirants have the right to dignify and petit the randomly selected jurors from a fair section of the community. Every two years there is a creation of a new master jury wheel by selecting random names from the list of general election registered voters within relevant divisions from all counties. There is a period drawing of random names from the master jury wheel to obtain the juror qualification questionnaires and indictments to report for dignified or petit jury service.

These questionnaires are answered by the individuals to determine whether individuals are qualified on a legal basis and also can show up for service on either a petit or a grand jury. The qualified individuals are asked to report for the service of the jury agreeable to the instructions of the court. The rest of the individuals are asked not to report or could also postpone their service later on. The selections are made via an electronic data processing system to assure a truly randomized selection from the potential pool of the jury.

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