What do I do when I receive a traffic ticket in Maryland court?

The first thing post receiving a traffic ticket is not to panic, and to avoid jail time implement one of the following 4 options within a span of 30 days.


Option 1: You can pay the full fine and plead guilty.

  •  Process the payment online as soon as possible: The Maryland court has the payment information on its site, where it details with verification and the exact amount of the fee. Upon paying the fine, you are most likely to see the payment posted on the next business day and the best way to get in touch with the district court of Maryland is to dial( 800) 492-2656 from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm EST. The customers are most likely looking at a non-refundable service fee of 5.95 Dollars as per the LexisNexis Vitalchek Network inc. Payment of the fine is usually a conviction. There are some violations where the points are assessed based on the Maryland Driving record. The concerned person is authorized with a charge to the credit or debit to their checking account plus the service fee when submitting the request.


You can also send your request and pay by mail, by sending to :

District Court Traffic Processing center

PO box 6676, Annapolis,

MD 21401


  • You can make an appearance at the local district court and make the payment.
  • ·Maryland Uniform Traffic Citation Payment Kiosk can also be made to good use for payment at the local motor vehicle administration (MVA) office. At the MVA kiosk, customers are subject to pay fines for payable traffic citations for which they didn’t make an appearance to the court through Maryland Uniform Traffic Citation Kiosk.


Option 2: You can also make a request of the payment plan 7-504.1 of the court’s article, provided your total outstanding fines are coming up to at least 150 dollars and you should be qualified enough to enter the payment plan.

All you need to do is to review “Request a Payment plan” for each offense in which you have made the requested payment plan. In addition to that, check the signature, date that is located at the bottom of the ticket and mail the form within the span of 30 days to the address as soon as possible.


Option 3: You can also ask for a waiver hearing to plead” guilty with an explanation”

  • Look through the “Request a waiver hearing” box on the ticket.
  • The ticket is to be signed and dated.
  • You can also mail the ticket to the District Court Traffic Processing Center


PO Box 6676

Annapolis, MD 21401


Option 4: You can request for a trial to plead” Not Guilty”

  • The request trial box can be checked on the ticket.
  • Please also see if there is a signature and the date mentioned.
  • The mail address you are supposed to send the request to is :


District Court Traffic Processing Center

P.O Box 6676

Annapolis, MD 21401


What can I do if I happen to misplace my ticket?

 Upon losing the ticket, use the Lost or Missing Citation Option Form (DR-490) and make the selection of the above-mentioned options. You can have points on your license assessed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration provided you plead guilty or the court discovers you guilty of the violation. If you don’t give your response within 30 days, the driver’s license will be suspended.


What happens at traffic court?

Upon requesting a waiver hearing or trial, you will be likely to get mail from the district court on the date you appear in the court.


Waiver Hearing

In the Waiver Hearing, you can ask the judge to make a reduction on your fine and give you probation rather than a conviction. In this regard, your fine can also be increased up to a maximum estimate of 500 Dollars. Further on, the court will give you space and time to explain the reason behind committing the offense or the circumstances leading to it.



The officer from whom you were issued the ticket will initially make a testimony followed by the opportunity given to you to present your case. You can also display the witness testimony or other proofs. In this case, the evidence, date, time, location, and the witnesses are held fully responsible by you. You can also opt for a lawyer, who can assist you further if you are not confident about leading the case. After all the hearing and analysis of the evidence, the decision will be made by the judge whether you are guilty or not.


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