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Religious and Discrimination Accommodations

When it comes to having concerns with regards to Religious and Discrimination accommodations, then the office of fair practices examines the unlawful discrimination complaints, retaliation against employees and users of the judiciary programs and services. If in case one needs accommodation for religious reasons, then the Fair Practices Department is the best place to get in touch with.

The Fair practices Department has a mission to eradicate and prevent discrimination in the workplace by conforming to the Federal State, local civil rights, the law and regulations of employment, fair and voluntary resolution of EEO disputes, and last is Outreach and Education. The Maryland Judiciary follows up on reflecting the diversity of communities by ensuring the opportunity’s equality for job applicants, public and employees users of the Judiciary’s services regardless of race, religion, caste, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, transgender or the country of origin. There are a plethora of rules and responsibilities that include investigating complaints of retaliation, harassment, sexual harassment filed by public users and employees of Judiciary’s programs, and the policies related to those services are reviewed.


Concerns regarding Maryland Lawyers

The attorney Grievance Commission inspects the discipline of Maryland Lawyers.

 When concerns are regarding the Maryland lawyers:

  1.  Then the Attorney grievance commission checks the profession of Maryland lawyers. 
  2. The conduct of lawyers is reviewed by the commission to determine the disciplinary need or changes in the domain. 
  3. The attorney grievance commission also goes on to prevent unauthorized legal practice. The commission is to be contacted if the user has any questions or complaints that concern the Maryland Lawyer.
  4. The attorney Grievance commission checks the behavior of both attorneys and nonmembers of the Maryland and Maryland bar respectively who are committed to the practice of law of State.
  5. The Bar Counsel office investigates and was designated and removes attorneys of Maryland whose behavior violates the rules of professional conduct as well people involved in the unauthorized practiced law.
  6. The notifications of overdrafts are reviewed by the Bar counsel on attorney escrow accounts.


Cases about a Maryland Judge

When there are issues raised about a Maryland Judge, in that regard 

  1. The Commission on Judicial Disabilities acts as an independent body that has the power to oversee complaints against Maryland Judges.
  2.  When assured, the conduct hearings about complaints and specific actions are recommended to the court of appeals.
  3.  The commission is to be contacted if there are any questions or complaints, and the Commission on Judicial Disabilities department is the best place to reach out to. The Commission on Judicial Disabilities is an independent body.

By exercising its powers, the commission plays a vital role in the promotion of public confidence and the preservation of independence and integrity of the Judiciary. The website has procedures that concern the filing of a complaint, the resolution and investigation, and some information about the commission. Court agencies and the entities do not interrupt the changes in the case. If you are not happy with the decision made for the case, then you can approach a Higher Court to file the claim, and you have full right to do so. The deadlines are quite strict, and the requirements are to be filed that must be met if you want to file the appeal.

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Concerns about the outcomes of the case

At the point of appealing the decision, there might be cases where you lose the subject and disagree with the decision. In that case, you are still entitled to the right to appeal for it, which means you can present the case to another court that would be on a higher level and also have the authority to hear out your claim. 


Interpretation Services Concern

 The Program interpreter of the court manages and checks interpreters used by the courts, both by telephone and in person. All you need to do is submit the Interpretation Services Feedback form for questions and concerns about interpretation services.

Court Concerns

When your complaints are about courts that do not fit on the categories of the page, then Pamela Cardullo Oritz or the administrative office can be contacted. The staff cannot give you legal advice or initiate something that would affect the case’s decision. All that staff can do is answer questions based on the process and refer the person to some useful sources to get some legal help.